A wicked and often WRONG tale of my life in general, or a diary if you will of how a simple world can be harsh to someone that has a diffrent view.
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March 11, 2006 by kyper
A tech from BellSouth called me today, pretty much confirmed the switch over from copper to fiber.
Once more backed up our entire story, from the guy that freaked out my wife.

Problem was they cut over our service 3 days before they were ready. And the never notified us of this.

March 9, 2006 by kyper
On Tuesday March 7.th 2006 A rep from the Bellsouth Vice presidents office called and apologised and vowed to bring right the
wrong doings. So I'm thinking cool, maybe this company isn't half bad after all the hassle. Then today Thursday 9th 2006 someone
from the preisidents office calls my wife and accuses her and our nieboors of the problems we have had recently. She was intent to
call us liars and proove that we did wrong.

Bellsouth has issues.. I hope AT&T buys them and guts them l...
March 2, 2006 by kyper
While on the phone with support for our Intenet access problems, some guy cut in on the conversation
and told my wife "I've been listin in on your conversations and they don't know what there talking about",
"Your Internet service will be back on when you hang up" and finally "I'm not with BellSouth.net"..
WHAT???? Not with Bellsouth? and he's listing in on our conversations????? WTF!

Now due to this my wife feels like she had been violated by someone listing in on our phone..
She don't...
March 2, 2006 by kyper
My story starts on February 24th when my phones had no dial tone. My wife called the tech support for help in getting it fixed. The people there were rude to her and gave her NO help about resolving her problems in a timely manner. I submitted an Internet request for service only to be told hours later that it would be resolved after 6:00 pm. The phone lines in our division have multiple problems. Several neighbors have complained about hearing each other’s conversations. Our next door neighbor ...
January 11, 2006 by kyper
All of the sudden after 12 years of working after high school, I realise I need to goto college.
So after some looking, I found a place called AIUOnline. It's a online college that allows me to work and goto
school to get a degree(my first one ). www.aiuonline.com for more info..

In high school I was a B and C student.. college I'm getting A's.. go figure alot of people blame it on my age that it's been a while since I been to school.

I'm also working on a marketing thing that ties in w...
January 31, 2005 by kyper
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January 7, 2005 by kyper
Ok.. I code for a living.. I do web and desktop applications and I've worked on a few bigger ones.

co-worker surfs the net and reads somewhere that 30% of the internet is not using cookies...

so what happens? the boss comes by and asks how we can stop using cookies for all web sites..

Just happened..
January 7, 2005 by kyper
I hate how other people can affect the way I live and do things. I hate it. It's never any good.. it's always bad.

For instance games. You spend countless hours putting in time to your favorite game to get good.. or maybe
to get that one thing you set your sights on. What happens? Oh you finally get it it.. only to find out it sucks..
Why? cause someone complained about it being too powerful and got it nerfed..
Who? someone that couldn't get it.. only saw it used against them and they fel...
May 18, 2004 by kyper
If you know what a mud is, I'm currently killing time on: http://www.ethereal2.org/ or telnet:// port 4000.

I like this mud, cause when I first started mudding back in 94 my first mud was called Abyss Mud. After 3 years of playing on Abyss
it went down and I was forced to look else where for my mudding habit. a few years later I coded my first mud called Lurking Fear,
then a few more years I started coding Lurking Fear 2. Well after 5 years of coding it was time to call i...
May 18, 2004 by kyper
My mind is funny, well at least it is to me. I have fought off the depression from taking my mind over and making me feel worse,
and things pick up for the while and I'm happy once again. I have been bug hunting through code for about 3 weeks and
dying for a new project to work on. I have been working on in the past a newgroup(NNTP) reader, but I don't like the design
of it. Threads are tough to deal with. So I don't have anything to focus on at work. After spending some hard time a while ag...
April 30, 2004 by kyper
After being in therapy over a year, I learned what I must do mentaly to keep from being depressed. I always look at the negative of things. I was supposed to
stop doing that, but old habits die hard. After a year of therapy the company I work for decided to go the cheap route and change health insurance on
me. After that I had to stop seeing my therapist due to him not being in network and I can't pay 200 bucks a visit.

That was half a year ago. Today I have forgotten all that I was tou...
April 14, 2004 by kyper
This is probly the first post and hopefuly not the last